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Summer/Fall 2006

This summer was a busy year for music - I had a lot more opportunities to play shows that came out of the blue, and turned out to be great fun!

Get ready, folks, ‘cause it’s only gonna get better!!

This past August of 2006 I figured it was time to try putting a small group together - a band. I really was blessed to find such dedicated and talented folks willing to practice long hours and work hard at learning to play together and above all, have fun!!

Richard MusclowRichard Musclow is no stranger to playing in bands - he has been a musician since his teens, and is a big fan of all kinds of music, and plays a great acoustic and telecaster guitar. Rich brings a great deal of maturity and focus to our band, and is great at "hearing" what needs to be done to make us sound the best that we can.

Heidi ClemmerHeidi Clemmer is classically trained in piano and aspires to make a career of music. She is another Bancroft native, and is also blessed with a wonderful voice. Heidi has shown her ability to learn and grow in leaps and bounds with this group. A big country music fan, she often knows the words to the songs better than I do!! We are glad she’s a part of our group, and her great harmonies add a whole new dimension to our performances.

Scott Stewart is one of Bancroft’s youngest and best musicians. It seems if it has strings, Scotty can play it. He brings a great deal of talent and ability to this group and is a super recent addition. Scott’s love of country and bluegrass music is evident in his passion for playing - he’s got a great future ahead of him, and is a huge addition to this band.

I’m really looking forward to next summer’s fairs and festival events to showcase this awesome group of musicians. We’ve already played some pretty big shows - the International Plowing Match in Peterborough, and we were one of three bands opening for Julian Austin at the Corporal Randy Payne benefit concert in Trenton.

[Soon: some of the pictures from that show here.]

Stay tuned, there’s more great music coming to your town soon.

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Heidi Clemmer, Richard Musclow and Kent at the Corporal Randy Payne Concert in Trenton 2006 On stage opening for Julian Austin in Trenton That is one big Stage!! Kent and Julian Austin in the officers mess at CFB Trenton BUY KENT's CD

Kent meets some new fans in Trenton



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