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The stories behind the songs...
  • THE MIRACLE RIDE    Listen to Lo-fi MP3Lo-fi   Listen to Hi-fi MP3Hi-fi
  • I always wanted to write a rodeo song, and this one fits the bill. I seem to find writing ballads easier than rockin’ country tunes like this one, and I was really happy with the way this one turned out. The guitar playing is hot, along with the steel and piano – listening to this song makes you want to kick up dust on an old back road, or sit right up front where the action is at a close you can taste the excitement...

    This tune is more than just a hot rodeo song – it’s a song about faith, about trusting that inner voice that you know is God's whisper, about taking a risk that you believe in enough to do something that seems nuts, but you know in your gut it’s what you’re supposed to do... just like that “crazy” preacher...

    Life is short. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, and he will make your paths straight...

  • THIS GOLDEN BAND    Listen to Lo-fi MP3Lo-fi   Listen to Hi-fi MP3Hi-fi
  • This song was inspired by my wife, Allison. We had just been married a short time, and I sometimes just liked to look at my wedding ring, and wonder about what the future would have in store for the two of us. Marriage is a lot of work – it takes commitment and sometimes, things are really tough. Often we make things tougher than they ought to be. This song reminds me of the great gift of marriage – finding your soul-mate, and keeping it together.

  • THE GREATEST SACRIFICE    Listen to Lo-fi MP3Lo-fi   Listen to Hi-fi MP3Hi-fi
  • This song was written in memory of the 4 RCMP officers who lost their lives in Mayerthorpe, Alberta, in 2005. I watched with tears in my eyes as I heard the stories of the lives of those young officers who were not much older than me, doing a job that is similar to mine. I thought of my young daughter and son, and my wife, all of whom bring such great joy to my life, and what a great sacrifice these men paid in the line of duty. I wanted to write a song that would honor their lives and remind people that the greatest sacrifice we can give is ourselves. Live your life not for yourself, but for the good of those around you….and live it fully, each moment of each day.

  • FOREVER MORE    Listen to Lo-fi MP3Lo-fi   Listen to Hi-fi MP3Hi-fi
  • This is my favorite song that I have written so far. It is the song my wife walked down the aisle to, and will forever be “our song”. The funny thing about this tune is that I wrote it after having a big fight with her the week before we got married. The fight didn’t change anything, but it made me think deeper about our relationship, and how important that was to me, and this song was born. I know others will relate well to this’s a song for anyone who has a “forever more”.

  • TEMPTATION    Listen to Lo-fi MP3Lo-fi   Listen to Hi-fi MP3Hi-fi
  • This is my cheatin’ song in reverse... this time, the cowboy goes home to his family, and realizes that what he’s got at home is not worth throwing away for a one nighter with a hot lookin’ blonde. I really get tired of hearing cheatin’ songs about how somebody got their heart broke. There’s enough of those songs out there – I thought it was about time for one where the cowboy does the right thing.

    Many of us will come to this crossroads in life. It’ll sneak up on you when you least expect it. Remember this song. Be the hero to your wife and kids. You won’t regret it.

  • WOOD AND STONE    Listen to Lo-fi MP3Lo-fi   Listen to Hi-fi MP3Hi-fi
  • The title track for this album, this song was another gift from God. I wanted to have another strong gospel song for this CD, and after taking the photos out at a friend's place, I started thinking about the old barn we used as a backdrop. The stone foundation was amazing – I like old buildings; I always wonder about the history that surrounds them. This old barn got me thinking about how good God has been to me, and how strong a foundation He is. He is a fortress and a high tower for those who seek His refuge.

  • NOW SHE’S GONE    Listen to Lo-fi MP3Lo-fi   Listen to Hi-fi MP3Hi-fi
  • Ever mess up in a relationship? Ever wish you could have a “do over”? This song is for all of us who have been there, and need some time to cry a few tears. Life is rough sometimes – but often, we make things tougher for ourselves than they need to be. Remember, for every situation we are in, there is a way out, if we put our trust in God.

  • GIVE IN TO JESUS    Listen to Lo-fi MP3Lo-fi   Listen to Hi-fi MP3Hi-fi
  • Bar room gospel. That’s what I wanted this song to sound like. Something you could almost swear you heard in a honky tonk, but with a message altogether different than what you will find in a smoky bar…

  • THE WAY HOME    Listen to Lo-fi MP3Lo-fi   Listen to Hi-fi MP3Hi-fi
  • Originally titled “the cowboy’s song”, this tune was inspired by a friend of mine who taught me how to play guitar. He used to play in a successful country band and was heading down a road he should not have been on. He drank too much, did a lot of drugs, and cheated on his wife, but she never gave up hope, and kept praying for him. He almost lost his life in a car crash, and turned his life back to God. Just like the cowboy in this song, God restored his life and blessed him. This song is a great gospel ballad with a true story behind it.

  • AMAZING GRACE    Listen to Lo-fi MP3Lo-fi   Listen to Hi-fi MP3Hi-fi
  • I have always loved this song – it is a true gospel classic. I have never heard it “Country-fied” though, and I did my best to do it justice, with my own lyrics mixed in. I remember playing this song with some great buddies I had in Thunder Bay – one of my chums played a great fiddle solo and the other a banjo breakdown. It’s a song that you can have some real fun with, and it doesn’t ever lose its appeal. The version on this album features some amazing instrumental work by Steve Piticco on guitar, Frank Rose on piano, Doug Johnston on steel guitar, and Sean Kellett on fiddle.

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